Post-Secondary Options

Harper College Manufacturing TechnologyWith the right training, you can find employment in almost any industry. Skilled professionals are called on to manage facilities, repair and maintain machines, mechanical equipment and buildings, work on construction projects, plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning and heating systems. Harper offers individual classes, a series of skill-specific certificates and a degree option that will position you for success and continued growth in this field.

Symbol Job Training - Symbol Job Training, Inc. is a Chicago-based educational organization which builds partnerships with businesses and students to transform lives through quality education. Symbol Job Training, Inc. provides education and hands-on training in Programming, Setup & Operation of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines.

TMA Education - Since its founding in 1924, the TMA has served as a valued source of employee learning and development for member companies. Over the years, the scope of TMA’s educational offerings has been expanded to include management development seminars and safety training as well as a wide range of online skills training related to manufacturing.  In today’s global economy, customers are constantly pushing for improved quality and faster cycle times. To operate effectively in this environment, TMA member companies need to continuously improve the selection, on-boarding, and training of their employees. They also need to provide their supervisors and managers with the developmental opportunities required to excel in a manufacturing environment characterized by high-tech automation and a shrinking workforce.

Triton C.C. Engineering Technology - The Engineering Technology Program offers every student the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art  CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) programs that include: AutoCAD, Pro-E, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Mechanical Desktop.  The use of these software programs are in conjunction with Machine Design,  Machine Tool Technology and related technically oriented courses that track to certification in a certain area and several specialized Associate degrees.

BIR Training Center - BIR programs prepare students for quality careers in the new economy. With a BIR education, students graduate ready to secure stable jobs and lay the foundation for lifelong career growth. BIR’s fast-paced, real-world oriented classes and multiple financial aid options make a new future affordable to all.