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Leyden Technology Council

Dear Parents:

Students at Leyden High School have an excellent education ahead of them - and outstanding preparation for a successful future.  While at Leyden, they will have the opportunity to explore different areas of study, as well as discover the many career choices available in the workforce today.

As you help your child explore these careers, I hope you will include a look at the education and careers available in high-tech manufacturing.  Students who enter this field can look forward to high earnings and a secure future.  By encouraging them to take courses in math, CAD, metalworking, and communications, you will help them acquire skills for the workplace now and to prepare for the lifelong learning so important to advancement in the future. 

The Leyden Technology Council has worked closely with instructor Frank Holthouse to help develop a demanding curriculum that teaches not only academics, but also practical skills for the workplace.  The twelve companies on the Council network with many additional companies in the Franklin Park area to support the Leyden Precision Metalworking Program with information on skill requirements, state-of-the-art computerized equipment, and employment opportunities for students and graduates.  The program received the Gold Level Award for Program Excellence from the Tooling & Manufacturing Association, a trade association representing more than 1,600 manufacturing companies in the Chicago area.  Since 1934, TMA has been dedicated to the education and training of skilled employees. 

The Leyden Precision Metalworking Program prepares students for the rigorous academic education they can receive while taking college-credit courses - paid for by the employer - through the Related Theory program of the Tooling & Manufacturing Association.  This three-year apprentice training program is available to qualified employees of TMA member companies.  Click here to access an article describing this innovative way for your student to get a college education.

By now you might be wondering what kind of work is involved.  The best way to understand high-tech manufacturing is to see the Leyden High School education facilities as well as the potential workplace firsthand.  We as a council invite you to tour any of our facilities.  Please contact Frank Holthouse at (847)451-3052 to arrange a tour.  I also encourage you to call the TMA Education Department at (847)825-1120 for more information on career and education opportunities. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


 Leyden Technology Council

7319 W. Wilson Avenue · Harwood Heights, Illinois 60706 · Phone: 708-867-6080 · FAX 847-451-3644

Frank Holthouse,
Aug 9, 2011, 1:41 PM